Hi guys. I am writing this first post to tell you I’m back to share some technical stuff and, for this reason, I am remaking both my personal site and the Hack N’ Roll one. Once the new layout is done (maybe the same of this site, because I’m not good with HTML+CSS), I will migrate the posts from the old site to the new one.

In this personal page, I intend to provide some material related to:

  • Some research result
  • Some talks I gave
  • Methodology and study material
  • Some interesting tool I write
  • Tips and tricks related to InfoSec (OffSec, okay? haha)

As some people that know me already know, this site will have material related to the following subjects:

  • General offensive security techniques
  • Memory corruption exploitation stuff
  • Protection bypass
  • Software reverse engineering
  • Hardware/embedded hacking and reverse engineering
  • Lockpicking
  • Web application hacking
  • Vulnerability reports
  • Information about personal projects related to InfoSec and the Hack N’ Roll
  • Bug Bounty (‘cause “Talk is cheap! Show me the money…”)
  • etc

Unfortunately, the main language of this site will be Brazilian Portuguese. But I will try to rewrite all posts to English as fast I can. Feel free to send me any feedback about the content of this site, including subject, typos, misspelling etc.

Let’s hack!
Maycon Vitali